Starshine Punch Needle Kit
Starshine Punch Needle Kit
Starshine Punch Needle Kit
Starshine Punch Needle Kit
Starshine Punch Needle Kit
Starshine Punch Needle Kit
Starshine Punch Needle Kit
Starshine Punch Needle Kit
Starshine Punch Needle Kit
Starshine Punch Needle Kit

Starshine Punch Needle Kit

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This is a Punch Needle kit designed for beginners to all levels.

Hello, I'm Emma, Punch Needle has become my dearest passion and my most favourite way to express my creativity. If you’ve been considering learning the art of Punch Needle but are unsure of where to start then this kit is definitely for you. When I first started, there were quite a few areas I struggled with and I don't want you to have the same issues, so I've gone into great detail in the instructional guide and included illustrations, tips and step by step photos to make this a happy and relaxing experience for you.

What's In The Kit:
* A Lavor punch needle set (optional). You’ll be able to do so much with this set as it comes with 3 different sized needles that you can use with wool and embroidery thread, so you can experiment and enjoy it for years to come.

* A ready made punch needle threader.

* Printed pattern on Monks Cloth fabric. Monks Cloth frays really easily, so I've also sealed the edges for you, so you don't need to worry it. I also mount the fabric in the hoop for you.

* A wax polished, high quality reusable wooden 22cm/9” embroidery hoop.

* A beautiful rainbow coloured ball of DK wool.

* If you opt to buy the Lavor Punch Needle set, you will also receive a reference guide, so you can learn what fabric and wool/yarn/thread you can use with the different sized needles once you've finished this project.

A 10 Page Guide Which Includes:
* Illustrated beginners guide explaining the Punch Needle Technique.

* Beginners guide showing you how to thread your needle with step by step photographic instructions.

* A step by step guide explaining the order in which you should embroider your pattern with step by step photographic instructions.

* Step by step photographic instructions showing you how to achieve a professional look.

* Tips on how to finish your hoop.

I have designed this tutorial for all skill levels from beginners upwards.

What You'll Need:
* If you opt to not buy the punch needle with the kit, you'll need a needle that can take DK (Double Knit)/light worsted wool/yarn.

* scissors

Box size is 11" x 11"

For International Orders:
All kits are made by me in the UK. Please note that I'm not responsible for any duty/import/taxes/customs/etc charges you may incur. Thank you.

I'm only a virtual message away, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need further help.

Gentle Reminders:
I’ve spent many hours testing and creating this product so that you can enjoy this timeless craft, please do not distribute the pattern and guide. If you love the pattern, please point your friends in the direction of my shop- if you support me then I can support you in your Punch Needle journey. Win! Win!

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